Opening Ceremony

I have been tinkering with so many ideas on how to gracefully pick this blog back up.  Really, I have crafted so many different thoughts,and disclaimers as to where the heck I have been since November in an attempt to capture all the chaos that has happened since then!  But, the fact is really….I have just been pre-occupied.  Busy with family, busy with this organization and obviously, too busy for clever excuses.  I do plan on filling in the gaps here and there as best I can, but for now, we’ll just go with the present.

Next week is the start of yet another legislative session and once again things are about to get interesting.  Tonight, in fact, is the Speaker’s Ball where the youngest Speaker of the House of Representatives ever in Oklahoma will be recognized.  This event is like the opening ceremony for the legislative session. It is great if you are into people watching and tiresome if you bore with political speeches. However, I happen to really admire this up and coming politician and can’t wait watch it all blow down.  Did I mention that Diana Ross is singing?  I’m gonna try to Tweet about it, so if you follow me on twitter, don’t freak out and think I’ve just risen from the dead.  Been a long time since I’ve posted over there too! Hopefully, I can make this as timeless as old friends, and we can pick right up where we left off!

In the meantime, here’s an old photo from a Speaker’s Ball a few years back….that one was fun, I think!