The Morning After

Since my last post on polls a few days…weeks…ok,  months ago, I became really intrigued and engaged in this year’s presidential election. Big surprise, right! I have been fascinated by the semantics, the coverage, the demographics, the issues and the two men running for our nation’s highest office.  Last night was a late one at my house.

As a citizen, I have to admit that I’m appalled at the spending, the rhetoric, the lack of respect for differences and the increased role of government in our American experiment.  As a mother, I am concerned about the lessons we are inadvertently teaching our children…not just in tone and civility, but in economics, ethics and leadership.

However, my greatest challenge today is to create a positive environment for my children so they keep believing in America….because last night, their guy lost and losing at any age is never fun.

1 thought on “The Morning After

  1. Woman in the Middle

    As I always tell my girls, there will be another election in 4 years. And the way it goes, it is very likely that a person from the opposite party will win. So, whether you are happy with the current president’s party or not, it will likly change in the near future!

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