Hi, my name is the Senator’s Wife and I am an adaholic.  Is that even a word?

I do have a problem ……. and it involves political advertising.  I’m obsessed with it.

And, this is my favorite time of year because every day….all day….everytime you have the television on, nine times out of ten there is a political ad running for someone or something. Ads for candidates, ads against candidates, ads for state questions, against state questions etc……here are some of my favorites to date…..but, only because I find them fun.

The first one actually is a very good ad…….. so fun might not be the right word. And, when I say ‘good’, I mean effective.  Whether you agree with the message or not, you will have to admit it is a well produced piece.

Here ya go:


OK – 

Switching gears………

This next one is a little…..odd.  Not sure if they are trying to make the candidate appear younger?  Hipper? Or, show that he can text?  Personally, I don’t think it has any real value – but it made me wonder why anyone would spend the money to put this on T.V.  Anyone?  Anyone?

Check it out:


This one is just plain funny….. for obvious reasons.  It is also effective…..I think?  Comes from an Oklahoma candidate too…..made me laugh.  Just because.

What do we say…um, only in Oklahoma? You’ll see what I mean….Enjoy:


Ok, so what is your favorite political ad of the season? Send me the link and I will be your friend forever!