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First Born

My first born started school a few weeks ago.

He is a freshman in high school now and tall. VERY tall.  In fact, this photo doesn’t capture the essence of his tallness.  He past the Senator in height a month or so ago.  He eats a lot too.

I’d like to think this photo indicates my first born will be kind to me when I’m a little old lady…..Or, maybe I like it because it reminds me of a time when he was little and we used to play together.

Literally, it seems like only yesterday when he would dress up in costumes……….

Now, we are w-a-y too cool for that type of thing.


Labor Day Weekend

Last weekend we ventured out to our good friend’s farm.

It had been four years since we’d been up there.  None of us could believe it had been that long since our last adventure.  It seems like only yesterday at this farm that the Senator nearly blew up a car with one of his many firework displays!

I mean, we all know the Senator has pyrotechnical tendencies.  And, on the drive up to this farm, there are always many….I mean MANY opportunities to purchase fireworks….especially during the summer months.  It would also be an understatement to think the Senator would overlook this popular buyer’s market.

So, when the Senator arrived at the farm with a truck load of fire four years ago…..and in the process of demonstrating his mastery of the art of fire nearly blew up a car when one launched sideways.  Seriously.  Sideways just like a missile….NOT surprising we haven’t been asked back…..until last weekend.

The topic of the farm came up just prior to the Holiday weekend and we all jumped on the idea of heading up there for a nice, relaxing evening in the Oklahoma heat and humidity.

It really is peaceful.  Promise.

The girls posed for a pic prior to demonstrating some cheer stunts.

The original fric and frac, headed off to inspect the fire pit and collect some kindling.  Probably not the greatest idea knowing these two…..but, who was I to get in their way.  I was too busy documenting a little bit of the fun!

The boys were definitely conjuring something up…..yep.  Whatever they were planning I’d bet it had to do with fire!

Meanwhile, back up at the hacienda…..the cooks were not in the kitchen, but watching the beautiful Oklahoma sunset.

Sometimes, last minute gatherings prove to be the most fun.  My BFF pulled this one off in less than 24.  Not too shabby!

Happy Weekend!

Election Night Coverage

The Senator and I attended several election night watch parties last week for political candidates whose names were on the ballot this time around.  We would have done this even if the Senator’s opponent had not dropped out that day because the Senator did not have a primary election and… is kind of our tradition. Well, tradition since the Senator has been a public official.  Prior to that, we would have holed up in front of the t.v. and watched the returns….which, actually can sometimes be a bit more interesting, for lack of a better word.  

It reminds me of when our kids were little, the Senator and I used to get a babysitter, grab dinner and go to his office where we would watch the state of the union address and/or election returns.  I suppose we have always been engaged in our democratic process in some form or fashion…

Anyway, last week we headed out west to congratulate one of the newest state senators. He had it easy….only one opponent in a heated primary with no general election.  You don’t see that very often.

Then we stopped by another party where a good friend lost his race for Attorney General.  I have no photos from that event.  I was too busy watching the returns and hoping for the best.

Then we ran over to a watch party for the Governor’s race.  The candidate whose sign you see below had won the primary and a big celebration was under way.

The Senator saw a lot of friends and he was celebrating as well.  In this photo wearing the suit is the new darling of the Oklahoma Republican Party.   The new Party Chairman had been speaking to the media about the record breaking voter turn out that day and all of the big wins for his party.  He is ooh, sooo good at what he does and a big breath of fresh air!

Here, I captured the Senator and a friend from the Capitol as they were talking about his race…

This cute young thing is actually a constituent of the Senator’s and helped work on his campaign.  He has the greatest smile and looks like he is all of about 18 years old.

And, yet with another friend who runs AT&T and loves to play golf.  I’m sure they were talking about their golf games…..

This fine young speciciment of a former House Rep had just won his parties nomination for State Treasurer.  Seriously, can’t you see him on the cover of a magazine as opposed to behind a desk crunching numbers?

This is where it got interesting.  After a while I tired of all the political talk and began watching the people in the very crowded room.  It had been a long time since I had seen Republicans have this much fun….when I noticed the girl in the purple dress pictured below texting on her cell phone.  She and her male friend to the right appeared somewhat out of place.  I had observed them for quite some time as they were young, attractive, very professional like and oh, so serious….more importantly, they were all about their business and did not seem to know anyone or speak to anyone there.  Not a soul….they simply studied the crowd and took pictures on their cell phones….Did they just stumble in off the street?  Had they walked in from the restaurant next door? Or, were they operatives from the “other” party…..
Let’s call them Michaele and Tareq Salahi just for fun…..because every good party needs some crashers.

If anyone who trolls here knows any different, please enlighten me.