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This Lady

Today is my birthday.  I have never been one to want to celebrate getting older, although lately I have found myself celebrating life.  But, today…..

Today, I am going to celebrate this lady. My momma.

….because I entered the world weighing 10lbs and 2 ounces and she’s still nice to me!

Love you mom.  You are a a remarkable example of all things good in this world!


Dear Ree,

How is it that my life long BFF has a cooking show and all I can think of is how we used to starve ourselves growing up because you were a ballerina and I just wanted to be one.  Food was not high on our list of priorities and now you own it! In fact, I have gained 5 lbs cooking your delicious food and loved every minute of it. Now, that is just plain sad.

My heart warms and my smile is wide just thinking about the magnitude of this for you, my friend till the end, from womb to tomb. It seems like only yesterday we were watching Animal House, and playing pranks on our brothers. And, now…now, you are a rock star and I am so proud of all you have done living out in the middle of nowhere!  I hope you can take a moment to look at all the wonderful you have created and the many lives you have touched just by being willing to share your talented, clever, creative and hilarious self!

I am so very proud of you and would be remiss if I did not mention that I love, love, LOVE it that your t.v. show is airing on your adopted god-daughter’s birthday.  That would only be fitting of our friendship.  I can’t imagine such a special event any other way because our lives have always been in sync like that. Birnkrant 608 baby!

I’ll be tuning in with tears of joy and a heart full of happiness for you, my forever friend!  So very proud.


More from the great Salt Lake…

So, while I was in Utah I managed to do several things. For starters, I moderated a panel on moms and social media. I know, I know, I am still laughing at the irony. However, it was such fun and extremely informative. The panel was made up of two “moms” who are working professionals, one a PR professional and the other who uses social media to promote her company. The other two panelists were “moms” who blog….also known as, “mommy bloggers.” I am not so much into that phrase, but they blog beautifully about life as they know it and were terrific representatives of this growing industry.

There were so many take aways from this panel that I am still processing all of the information. They talked about the most effective ways to promote your business, how to safeguard your children and their stories online, networking with other moms, marketing your blog, protecting your privacy, twitter vs. facebook…..the dialogue went on and on until they cut us off by letting us know the banquet crew was ready to set up the room for dinner! Yikes.

I so enjoyed meeting this mommy blogger, Courtney from C. Jane! What a neat lady and such fun to learn she knows my BFF, Ree from the blogosphere. It truly is a small world.

Right before the panel, I was sworn in as the President of this organization, so if I look a little frazzled….it’s because I was.

It is an awesome responsibility to lead a 76-year-old organization that honors and supports moms! What a great thing. And, I was really glad that the Senator could tag along for some moral support.

He’s good like that 🙂