This Lady

Today is my birthday.  I have never been one to want to celebrate getting older, although lately I have found myself celebrating life.  But, today…..

Today, I am going to celebrate this lady. My momma.

….because I entered the world weighing 10lbs and 2 ounces and she’s still nice to me!

Love you mom.  You are a a remarkable example of all things good in this world!


2 thoughts on “This Lady

  1. Annie

    Happy happy Birthday! I hope the coming year is filled with more love and happiness than you can imagine.

  2. FLPatriot

    Happy Birthday.

    Every year on my birthday, no matter where I am, my mother calls me and sings happy birthday to me. One year, while serving in the Army in Germany, she got up real early in the morning so she could reach me on my birthday. Moms are the best.

    I agree with you that our individual birthdays are an opportunity to thank the one that gave us a chance to grow and enter the world. I am happy to see that you and your mother have a great relationship.

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