Day 3. Part One

Day three got off to a roaring start when we missed the bus to our delegation lunch. Thank goodness for Uber!

Interestingly enough, our Uber driver happened to be a Slovenian immigrant. Significant, because Melania Trump is Slovenian and the community of Slovenian immigrants in Cleveland is the largest outside of the country itself.  Who knew! According to our Tour Guide/ Uber driver, they also LOVE Melania Trump.  So much so, they even hosted a welcome reception for her in Cleveland this week.  Bet you didn’t hear that on the news!

We (as in “we” were not the only ones who missed the bus thank goodness) pulled up to our event right as the elected officials were speaking. So, only fashionably late haha.


Which was fine by me. I have maybe had my fill of political rhetoric and speeches this week…just saying.  Although, I would say, the Lt. Governor of Arkansas was speaking at the time we walked in and he was a absolute breath of fresh air. I bet we see more of him on a national stage in the future.

One thing I do enjoy at these types of events is getting to see some friends who we have met along the way.

Had to snap a pic of Cliff visiting with Congressman Cole in the parking lot!


And, catching up with Harold Hamm, a former constituent and friend, who was speaking at the convention later that evening.


And just like that, it was time to board the buses to the next event at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


Since we had been there previously, Cliff and I decided to roam around the beautiful grounds for a bit and were about to walk next door to the Science Museum…




Trump Force One came in for a landing where the Donald met up with his family and his Vice Presidential pick, Mike Pence.

The only way I knew all this is because my Senator was running for Mayor of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and spoke to some event volunteers, some members of the Ohio delegation, the Secret Service and private Security on the ground. These individuals collectively told us what was happening and pointed us in the right direction to watch the motorcade as it fled the scene…so we did.


It was hard to snap pics with lots of people gathering and the heavily armed members of law enforcement keeping the perimeter clear.  But, I can tell you there were dozens of big, black suburbans in that motorcade as well as a few armored trucks and it was a super exciting opportunity to watch live and in person!



And, that was a wrap…well, not really. We decided to Uber back to our hotel which is located in a darling, little Cleveland suburb because I was starving!  Not that we missed lunch or anything haha…


The upside of being late to lunch…is getting to have chips and guac at a darling pub in Cleveland!


My meal for the day!

More notes from the arena last night in a bit!

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