Coloring outside the lines…

19256457-mmmainThe list is out for who will be speaking in Cleveland and it is a list like no other. There aren’t too many celebrities, unless you count former Heisman winner, Tim Tebow….but, there never are many Hollywood celebrities at Republican events. Claiming your conservatism in Hollywood gives you an automatic black spot in that business. Truth.  So, maybe not the quasi celebrity apprentice type show that some had hoped for or expected but definitely one that is coloring outside the lines.

On the list to speak are a former model, an astronaut, a football player, a businessman, an oil man from my great state, the first openly gay speaker at a Republican convention (which should be a huge headline) and a lot of former associates and family members of the presumptive nominee!  The list which looks fairly fresh in perspective and outside the political norm to someone on the sidelines like me, is already being picked apart by the media…here is one example…. Ahhh, the media.  You people are fun to watch!

Notably missing are former Republican party nominees, (Mitt Romney and John McCain), former Republican Presidents (Bush 41 and 43), and some elected officials who would typically speak because they were in contention for the top spot. I can understand their frustration this election year and why choosing to boycott the event makes them feel better? Justified?  Like they are making some sort of statement….But, the theater geek in me simply wants to break out in song with ‘do you hear the people sing, singing the songs of angry men’…Love me some Les Miserables!

I do think the “unconventional” list of speakers is certainly more representative of the movement taking place across the country on both sides of the aisle.  It will be interesting to compare the two party’s conventions and speakers – considering one side has embraced (well, sort of) the candidate from outside the political establishment while the other did not.

Here is a link to the list.