Standing O

Friday night was the Speaker’s Ball and I am still reeling in what a knock it out of the ballpark event it was.  Flawless, Fabulous, Festive, Fun.  Seriously, FUN! And, not one detail was left undone! For starters, everyone was decked out to the nines!  So many pretty dresses and hair going on…. I think there is something about dressing up that inspires good behavior, even among adults!  The flowers, the flowers the flowers…oh my goodness.  A local florist, as in my neck of the woods florist, was responsible and did they turn a very large convention hall into an elegant ballroom.  Simply stunning.


The program was short, sweet and uber appropriate for the occassion.  There were no long, political speeches, or politicians pontificating on their agenda or personal accomplishments…just a relevant, ringing of the opening bell for the next legislative session by a very skilled and humble incoming Speaker of the House.  These remarks, which followed a lovely dinner were met with such warm enthusiasm and a brief “intermission” while everyone grabbed a drink and place to watch the highlight of the evening…a concert by Diana Ross.


I have no words to describe her performance other than to give it a standing ovation!  She looked and sounded the same as I remember her from…well, a long time ago.  She is ageless, and energetic and so kind and adoring to her crowd.  What a treat this was to experience. She even came back on stage in her sweats to say a final goodbye.  Gotta love that!

After the concert, we stuck around and talked to some of our favorite people that we have met during my Senator’s time at the legislature…..including this guy…


…who is his Vice Chairman from Woodward on the Energy Committee. He also does a great immitation of my man which is what was going on in this picture! Let’s just say, I love being a fly on their wall from time to time as they certainly know how to work hard and play hard.  His wife is lovely too, which makes it fun!

The next morning, I found some notes I jotted down on the program in my purse, i.e. I was really caught up in the moment.  But love it when I do this cause it tends to capture what I was really thinking….So, here ya go!

Next time, find table location prior to entering ballroom.  Walking from one end of room to the other during the invocation is not optimal.

Fashions were elegant.  Nice mix of sophisticated and fancy…not the junior prom of the past.  I’m only one in a short dress.

I love it when people have their hair fixed….why didn’t I think of this???

Introductions so appropriate. Five prominent officials have mic and didn’t overstay their welcome.  How did that happen??!

Roses, hydrangeas, simple, elegant. creative display.

Love the lighted seating areas in the hall …


…and the ice sculptures. Oh my goodness, how do people do that! These were actually done by someone my Senator knows and has known for a longtime…evidently, he did a restaurant lease with him back in 1986….but, I digress!


Lauren Nelson… Miss America +National Anthem = perfection! 

Proud to be an Oklahoman! Our state’s people are its greatest resource. Incredibly honored to be here.

Love that last one! So true!

This week marks the beginning of another legislative session which means my Senator will be busy, stressed and gone…a lot.   Even so, his hard work and dedication to serve our great state has provided so many positive examples for our children. Just one of the many things I love about that man.  The big, dark glasses are another!

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