Dear John

Dear John,

It is no secret that I have taken a liking to you.  After all, I have written you several letters expressing my sentiments concerning the state of our nation and complimented you on the job you are doing as Speaker.  I don’t typically do that sort of thing.

However, this morning I read an article that focused on the resignation of one of your recently re-elected members, Congressman Chris Lee, from New York.  The article referenced your response not only to his poor judgement, but also your philosophy regarding the behavior of all elected officials.

Can I just state for the record again that I really like you?

You sent a message yesterday when you suggested that members of congress be held to the highest ethical standards. In fact, there have been reports in several capitol hill news outlets where you have been quoted as warning your colleagues about unseemly partying with female lobbyists, as well as stating for the record that, “I’ve had members in here where I thought they had crossed the line.”

I get that. I think all public servants could heed the warning from those words.

Have you ever been to Oklahoma?

From, a Senator’s wife in Oklahoma

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  1. Carol

    I like Mr. Boehner too. He makes me feel “comfortable”. Just wanted to tell you…. The President was in our little community yesterday. (Marquette, MI, Upper Michigan) It was AWESOME. He was only here for a short time. He delivered a short speech at our college, Northern Michigan University. Pretty neat for us “Yoopers”. 🙂

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