A Recap





The Senator’s dinner last night at our house was certainly all of those but man can those guys throw back some food!

They also know how to have fun off the Senate floor which is a good thing, considering this was a bipartisan venue.  Just think the farmer and the cowman can be friends…ebony and ivory….I didn’t think anything of it but these guys did and they played it….as in played a joke on my Senator.

Evidently, two of them constructed a story in which they didn’t get a long..at all. They were supposedly in a huge feud over tractor parts and weren’t speaking to each other. It’s important to note that my Senator really doesn’t know much about tractor parts – which is why they picked it, and that the two in disagreement were members of the same party which made this “feud” even worse, I guess.  But, you get the picture and they played the part of feuding members to the hilt.  One of them even sent my Senator a note indicating that they both could attend the Senator’s dinner but ONLY if they didn’t have to sit together!

Needless to say, they had my Senator in the palm of their hands and he was a little worried about how this dinner was going to go….

You can imagine how funny it was when my Senator learned it was all a sham.  He was laughing so hard at how he had worried about it all day and talked about it all day to anyone who would listen.

They really had him going and enjoyed every minute of it!

I loved it too.

They also came bearing gifts….which was a nice touch.  Then, they laughed, played pool, watched a basketball game, ate dinner….laughed a whole lot more.  Really, I think our place had momentarily transformed itself into a fraternity house of sorts.

Much to my surprise however, they even quasi-cleaned up their mess.  Meaning they put all their dishes in the sink and trash in the trash can.  And, they thanked me for the delicious dinner.  Their momma’s would be so proud.

All in all, this is a nice thing the Senator can do for the out-of-town members and he is already planning the next one!  I can’t wait to see what they will think up next.