Opening Bell, Part II

Yesterday was my favorite day to be at the Capitol….and I missed it!  Yep. Did not get to go see my fellow legislative wives, or hear the Governor’s State of the State address or stalk the Senator and follow him around taking pictures.

We had one not 100% at home and he needed a little nursing back to good health…and, because I am not the elected official around here naturally that was my job. But, it would have been my job anyway!

My intelligence sources on the ground said the Senator introduced the Doctor of the Day.  Yes, there really is a Doctor of the Day down at the marble palace just in case someone gets sick. He also ran a resolution honoring the 100th birthday and legacy of Ronald Reagan. Not a shabby start for his first day back on the job.

Evidently, the Senator sat with some new freshman House members in their Joint Session for the Governor’s State of the State address and was in meetings for the rest of the day.  Fun Times.

I would have been hanging with my home girls up in the Gallery and enjoying some colorful conversation.

Here is a photo from a few years back with one of my favorites out east on I-40.  We call them every time we pass through their neck of the woods which is definitely one of the perks of the Senator’s public service.  You have friends in every corner of the state.  And, that is a really good thing.