Catching Up!

So, is there a rule that states when my Christmas vacation is officially over?  We have had the most wonderful time spent with family and friends and I am certainly carrying the five extra pounds around to show for it!  Lots of new traditions this year….

The Senator’s son managed to take some beautiful photos….

As did the Senator’s daughter…….of our dog!

We rescued our sweet, little dog two years ago at Christmas time and we all just love him!  Can’t imagine what we did before he joined our family….once you get past some of his bad habits….like digging in the trash!  Such unneccessary, bad behavior!  I keep telling him he has no need to do this anymore….but old habits die-hard.  Somebody get this dog a napkin, quick!

We have had lots of fun moments …

Like when the Senator’s daughter caught me and my favorite cousin-in-law chatting it up at my mother’s house on Christmas Eve!  Usually, we are chasing children, but somehow this year we managed to escape to the back room to catch up!  Love that and love this girl.  Am most grateful to my cousin for bringing her into our family!

And, the Senator’s son let me take a photo of him with his special friend (is that the politically correct term?) at an impromptu gathering of family friends a few days before Christmas at our house.

And, my other daughter…..

Well, not really, but she should be!  She has helped us in the summer with kids and campaigns and we just love her to pieces, so I have unofficially made her a member of our family!  The Senator’s son just likes it cause he is much taller than she is now!

Aside from torturing myself with Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred and entertaining the kids who are on vacation for the rest of the week, we have a legislative session coming up and an Inaugural Ball for the first female Governor of my great state. I also have a new iPhone – so my up to the minute reporting of these events just got a lot easier! Please send any and all tips for the iPhone my direction. I will need all the help I can get!

Can’t wait!

Love, SW