Meet Momma Reiner

This is my college friend, Kimberly.  She bakes fudge, or should I say she creates delicious chocolate recipes and sells them all across the country.  She is amazing and hugely successful. She is also very tan in this photo and I am not. Maybe that is why they called me the pale chick in college.  Looking back, I think I earned that title, don’t you?

Recently, when we were in California Momma Reiner blocked off the entire day to spend with us at the beach.  In fact, she treated us to a beautiful day at her beach club with all the husbands and kids.

Just in case you were wondering, we are wrapped in jackets and towels because it was a mere 70 degrees outside, not because I am into extreme sun protectionism or anything.  

The Senator’s daughter was mesmerized by Kimberly.  But, then she knows a smart, successful woman when she sees one.  The Senator’s daughter is savvy like that.

Kimberly also invited another sorority sister of ours to join us because she lives in the same neck of the woods and belongs to the same beach club.  Those Californians! This was so much fun for me as I had not seen Kitty since college…and she looks the very same with enough energy to supply the state of California into eternity.

She brought along her two adorable daughters because it was a good day for some female bonding.

Our husbands were all also there and occupied themselves by playing a very competitive dice game.  Not sure whether they did this so we could chat and catch up, or if they were really actually into the dice game.  I’m thinking the latter and regret not having taken a moment to photograph these men and their dice.  After all, the entire beach club had begun to notice them and I was just glad that we were from out of town and didn’t know a soul.  Just kidding.

Then it was time to go home and no one was happy about that.  The Senator’s son is only smiling because Momma Reiner’s son, who is sitting in the car, is going to have his own television show some day. Saturday Night Live, meet Mr. Reiner.

Love, the Senator’s Wife