The Senator’s Daughter reads….


Well, actually she just started New Moon.

And I totally get it now.  Me, who is not a big reader of fiction, totally understands the obsession with these books….because I am obsessed with these books.  
O.K. so, here is how our Twilight obsession began. I’m going to blame my favorite niece (pictured below on her wedding day) who teaches third grade in Colorado. She came to visit us recently.  My niece is an amazing young lady, drop dead gorgeous, smart, funny, adventurous, and someone you either want to be like or want to be jealous of….it is that simple.  

Anyway, she encouraged my daughter to dive into the Twilight series and because my daughter wants to grow up to be just like her and listens to every word she says…she did. Start reading the books, I mean.

Wow!  What a love story.  Go Bella and Edward! Did I just say that? This is such a interesting love story that lures you in to read and read and read. And I don’t have a lot of free time right now to drop everything and read.  Really, I don’t.
Not sure the Senator gets our new found passion with vampires either.  So I tell him that he just needs to stay focused on the size of the book his daughter is reading and be impressed.  Stay focused on that Senator and be glad you are not paying her a penny a page!
Happy Thursday!
The (mildly obsessed with Twilight) Senator’s Wife