Afternoon Update!

This woman is my hero.  Seriously.  Nearly 7 million hits in less than an hour?!  Love her!
I saw a clip of this video last night on the news and was moved.  I even forced Thunder and Lightening to watch it this morning and they were mesmerized.  If Lightening will sit and listen to a Broadway show tune, well it must be captivating.  So much so that I almost forgot I had just kissed the Senator goodbye as he headed back to the Lion’s Den at the State Capitol. He had a tea party to go to………
Go get ’em honey, because I’ll be hanging out with this sensational British singer today!  It’s called stress therapy.

The Senator’s Wife

P.S.  Just after lunch, this particular clip on YouTube had nearly 6 million hits.  I think I account for at least 10 of them.  Such a beautiful story.  

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