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My Senator is funny sometimes.  

He is in the habit of leaving little random tidbits on my desk that he thinks I might find interesting. Yesterday, I found a few political magazines lying around, an old picture of the Senator, (a really old picture), and an ad from a newspaper.
This does not help the clutter on my desk at all, and if it survives any cleaning tsunami that might take place, I might eventually notice it, look at it or even read some of it…eventually.
However, yesterday I did something dreadful.  Something about that newspaper ad caught my attention and I began reading.  It lured me in with the bold phrase of ‘there’s more to politics than left and right.’  Duh, is this a joke?  I mean, who are they kidding.  
The Senator likes to shower me with propaganda.  I think he does it just to see my reaction.
He does that a lot people.  
Did I mention that my Senator is funny.  Well, he is.
This particular ad was promoting a web site that contains a quiz to help you determine your true political identity. 
Yeah, I took the quiz,  I couldn’t help myself.
Boy, was it fun…
…and, there was no surprise on where I stand….  
Can’t wait to discuss where the Senator landed ….sort of, I mean,  well, maybe I don’t want to know.  In case you sense a little hesitancy, it is only because this could lead to an unpleasant political discussion.  I try to avoid those at all costs.  In fact, I usually try save up my political clout around here for issues that matter to me, personally.  Some Internet quiz I took giving me the results that he is already well aware of, well, you get the picture.
And, he can’t change where I stand…even though he gives it his best shot.  
And, I can’t change him.   Believe me, I have tried.  
But, we still love each other.  Probably more for that matter.  We color each others world.
But, I wonder if  our political beliefs would be that far apart on this quiz?  
I told you it lured me in.  
Go ahead, take the quiz. I dare you.
Then, tell me where you stand.  
I’m going to clear off my desk and read all of these political magazines.  After all, it is spring break.  
See you next week,
the Senator’s Wife

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