Opening Bell

Clouds are hovering over the house right now literally and figuratively.  Yes, we are experiencing a blizzard in Oklahoma on the first day of February with blowing snow, high winds and sub-freezing temperatures.   These same clouds could also paint a vivid picture of the storm brewing down at the Capitol, because as a legislative wife, this is often what the beginning of a legislative session feels like.

Session means my Senator will be busy.  Busy and pre-occupied with meetings, dinners, receptions and more meetings and then there are the phone calls.  Lots of them….often at home.  I don’t mind them really, especially when they are from a constituent because I am glad his constituents feel like they can call him anywhere at any time.  But, it is the substance of those calls that pre-occupy my man.  Whether it’s in reference to a bill that has been filed, or a problem that the person is having, it all weighs heavily on the Senator… because that’s just the kind of guy he is….pretty darn awesome.

Anyway, the storm is about to commence down at the marble palace and here’s what’s on deck for me this next week:

The Speakers Ball.  A fun event really.

I have written about it before because I never know what to wear.  Seriously. The guests come from all over the state which means you see it all, everything from boots to ball gowns.  Boots are not really an option for me, just saying, but rather I struggle with whether to wear a long or short dress. And just for the record, anytime the word ‘Ball’ is used as a descriptive on an invitation it should, and I’m only saying s-h-o-u-l-d, indicate ball gown. Well, anywhere but Oklahoma. In my great state, the Speaker’s Ball simply means you show up in your Sunday finest, whatever that is, and I love my state for that. Really, I do. But, it doesn’t help solve my predicament of what to wear….long or short?  Thoughts, anyone?

The following week also marks the official beginning of the legislative session and the opening bell that rings with the Governor’s State of the State Address.  All this means is that the legislators will gather in the House Chamber, the gallery will be full of guests, the television crews will be filming, the Governor will be introduced and proceed to outline a road map for the state.  While this might sound exciting, and surely it is for those political types, in my humble opinion, it is just as much fun to watch it from the comfort of your own couch. You’re just gonna have to trust me on this one.

Anyway, prior to the Governor’s State of the State, I’ll swing by an Ohoyahoma meeting.  Yeah, I know.  What is Ohoyahoma?  The literal Choctaw translation means “Band of Red Women” i.e.  a gathering of legislative wives (oh, and husbands now too). I have written about this group before.  They are probably one of the main reasons I make it to the Capitol for the opening bell. Awesome men and women. And, because Oklahoma’s legislative term limits are well into effect, you get to see a new group of pretty faces every other year which makes it fun.

That’s my week ahead.  Just gearing up for the next legislative session and wondering what to wear to the Speaker’s Ball. This might require an intervention.  Somebody, help….p-l-e-a-s-e!