Let the Games Begin!

One of the perks of public service is the people you meet, from all walks of life, all different cultures and faiths, and from all across the state who make life so much more interesting.

This picture was taken at the Capitol right before the swearing in ceremony last November. I am with one of my favorite legislative wife friends and we were waving to our men down below. Her husband is the Senate Minority Leader. Had his party stayed in charge, he would be the Senate Majority Leader. BIG difference. I know he is not real thrilled with the demotion.

She has a PhD, a real job and an interesting perspective on things. Did I mention she is tons of fun? Did I mention that she and her husband have seen Jimmy Buffett in concert more times than is humanly possible? They also have children about the same age as ours and she taught our son to water ski. Yep, we like her alot!

We are having lunch tomorrow after the hoopla at the Capitol calms down and I can’t wait.

19 Hours until the Legislative Session officially convenes. My Senator is fired up and ready. Actually, he is taking a nap on the couch and I don’t blame him one bit!

Let the games begin!

The Senator’s wife