There is nothing like creating new Christmas traditions. This year, our family is all together in a far away location and it is, um, rather rustic.

We were able to go and cut down our own Christmas tree out in the snowy forest. Yes, we are environmentally friendly and paid the fee to chop it down in the “proper” place. And it is the perrrrfecct tree.

And, it took a lot of hard work and effort…..some of us had to take a break from all of the action.

But, it was a collaborative effort.

The Senator’s daughter had the final say…..

And, the Senator had the saw….

Merry! Merry!  Everyone!

A Room with a View

Merry Christmas!

The Senator’s Wife


Recently, I was in charge of planning a big event that would benefit the Art Museum in my city.  Of course, it is all a blur now…the planning, the coordinating, more planning and more coordinating.  So,   who other than the Senator to capture all of the details with photographs so I would have fond memories to share.  It would never occur to me to take pictures of all this floral beauty, which is why I have him around.
These were the tables in the dining room. I think I could bathe in those blue hydrangeas. Really.  Some people like rose petals…for me, it’s the blue hydrangeas.

These arrangements covered the doorways.
And, this is a closer look at the flowers above the door along with the crown.  They sat on tables near the entrance to the event.  Shhh.  Don’t tell, but I took that centerpiece home with me.
This masterpiece hung above the fireplace.  There was a royal theme going on just in case you hadn’t noticed by now.

And now for the WOW factor…
I think every guest had their portrait taken in front of this Rose Bowlesque type centerpiece. After all, it was the first thing they saw and smelled when they walked in the door.  Those pink lillies hidden in there can really make a room pop with fragrance.
This particular arrangement was too large to fit in the Senator’s car, but don’t think for one minute I didn’t want to attempt it!
Now, on to Christmas!


The Senator’s son left me the link to this video.  I am always curious when he wants me to watch something.  It’s like he is momentarily providing me a glimpse into his teenage world.

However, he does leave me lots of links to lots of football videos and he does ask that I watch replay after replay of college football with him.  So, this one came as no surprise.  The kid can watch replays of games and great football moments for hours on end.  In fact, he would rather watch replays of college football games from several years ago than the latest sports contest.  In fact, I caught him this weekend watching a video of the 2004 USC College Football Season.  I mean, really??

I like college football and all,  I am just not obsessed with college football.

Anyway, he left me this particular link last night and for some reason I just clicked.  And, I will say, somewhat surprised that this link wasn’t a highlight from the USC -UCLA game or the Best of Bedlam.

My boy has a softer, sensitive side and I love him for that.

Kleenex anyone?

Table Talk

Is there a rule stating that ones dining room table look like this if you are in charge of a big charity event?  Because I have been busy planning one for over a year now and this tables been occupied with various boxes and papers for…well, just about that long.

The last time it looked like this was three years ago during the Senator’s re-election campaign.  If you look closely you can even see the black sharpie marks which are a result of signing lots and lots of letters.  I can get past the black sharpie marks. Really, I can.  They give this table some character.  I’m not sure I can say the same for the sealing glue or the boxes and boxes of envelopes.
When this table is clear of clutter, it has been the host of many fun dining experiences.  I use that term loosely as I am no Martha Stewart!  I just know who to call when I need a professional, shall I say, “meal” and I have dialed that number on numerous occasions.  I am not shy.  Like the time we had the Governor and his wife over for dinner with the newly elected members of the State Senate.  I certainly was not going to trump out my culinary skills for that one!  But we did add a leaf to the already long dining room table to make it even longer and fed eighteen for dinner.  And just so you know, the Governor wasn’t bothered by the black sharpie marks either.
 I recently informed the Senator that Thanksgiving has been relocated this year.  He wasn’t worried.

Political Photographs

We had a serious dilemma around our house recently. No, there was not a leak in our roof, the dog was alive and well (the last time I checked) and the dish washer was in full working order…maybe.

No, it was much, much more disturbing than that! September had turned into October, and October was…well, almost over and the Senator did not have a current family photograph to use for next year’s re-election campaign.

We are picky about family photos that are used in campaign literature. They have to have that special element. Something that sets it apart, makes that person stand out. These photos have to be real, but at the same time capture the very essence of the candidate while exhibiting some form of positive energy. Personally, I like them to be edgy and unique. There is an art form to this and my BFF, the Pioneer Woman was just the right person to make it all happen this year.

Thank-you PW for alleviating the stress that knocked on my door daily. I have officially checked campaign photo off the ‘to do’ list!


Sonic Speed Chase

This is our rescue dog named Scooter.

Yes, that is a grilled cheese sandwich in his mouth!

It was from Sonic and it belonged to the Senator’s son.  Well, before he left it sitting on the table – alone – for roughly five seconds. But, that would be just enough time for Scooter to snatch it up off the table and take it down under for consumption.

We were in shock really that this dog could maneuver so quickly to steal a sandwich literally right out from under our eyes.  Totally speechless,  that we just stood there laughing at him and each other.  

It’s not like this dog is hungry.  Seriously, he is very well fed and obviously a tad bit spoiled.
So,  the Senator’s son decided to chase him around the house in an attempt to steal the grilled cheese back. NO, not because he was going to eat it or anything, definitely not that, but more for a show of look who is boss now Scooter!  Or, I can run faster than you Scooter…Or, you just stole my afternoon snack and I’m gonna make you work for it…

If only for just a moment…

I think Scooter needs some time at the spa.