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My Town

Shhhh!  Don’t tell the Senator, but I absolutely LOVE this town! That would be Washington D.C., our Nation’s Capitol.   I took this photo from an old, historic hotel that has recently been renovated and turned into a swanky place with lots of international… Continue Reading “My Town”

Week 3

So, we are now into week three of the current legislative session.  The Senator has a cold, I have been cleaning out closets and the kids get to enjoy a short week of school.  Can you spell f-u-n? The Senator has been rather mum… Continue Reading “Week 3”

Decompressing with Prayer

So, yesterday was the first day of the Legislative session and I received a hall pass to stay home.  The snow and ice from last week not only cancelled the Speakers Ball Friday evening, but remained a hazardous presence on the roads I travel… Continue Reading “Decompressing with Prayer”

Fair Weather Friends

I am beginning to think I am a magnet for bad weather. This is what California looked like last week…when I had to fly out there for a few days. And, this is what Oklahoma is going to look like…less than one week later.… Continue Reading “Fair Weather Friends”


Currently in California at a board meeting and watching the rain. I have been here roughly fifteen hours and the rain has not ceased.  Not for one moment. I have to admit, however, that I flew in yesterday amongst the most amazing cloud cover,… Continue Reading “Rain”