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Moving Day

The Senator is re-locating his business office today.  He thinks it will take an hour.  I am guessing a few…even though he is only moving a mile down the road.  Like I have said before, the man has a lot of stuff. This photo was taken roughly fifteen years ago shortly after he moved into his business office. Note the lack of clutter.

Goodbye Possum Creek Place. You were a good home.

The Senator’s son has an Algebra final today.   I am not smarter than my 9th grader in this area.  Let’s just say all those formulas are Greek to me. The last time Algebra and I met was during the summer before my senior year in college.  I needed a math credit to graduate and summer school seemed like the best time to tackle this phobia one on one.  I still have a complete and total gut wrenching fear of math.  Numbers and I do not mix.  Anyone who knows me understands this.  I am not wired this way.  Good luck my son. May the force be with you today!

The Senator’s daughter continues to make her list and checks it way more than twice……that girl has a list.  A big list.

And, I am scurrying around frantically today with the understanding that the kid’s will be on Christmas vacation in roughly ….wait, I am calculating…..roughly 33 hours. Give or take a few 🙂

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Mr. Chairman

Breaking News:  My Senator has been named the next Energy Chairman for the Oklahoma State Senate…a fairly big deal considering we live in Oklahoma and energy is a huge part of our economic engine.

Honestly, I think the Senator had wanted to serve in this capacity for quite some time, because as you can see in this photo from yesterday…….

He has a little hands on experience in this industry and a passion for it!  And, yes.  I knew this was happening when I posted that darling photo, I just couldn’t say anything about it.  But, I can now.  So, please indulge me while I brag on my man for a minute because I am constantly reminded of his exemplary leadership down at that marble palace. My Senator is such a team player.  A true statesman.  He has made it a priority to work hard with all sides of the political aisle to do what is right for our great state. He is not a headline grabber.  Better yet, he is not a career politician (i.e. not in this gig for personal gain), but temporarily entered public service with the sincere hopes of providing a better environment for individuals and businesses to succeed…and I love him for that!  Our children love him for that!  I hope someday Oklahoma loves him for that…

Anyway, this means that next session my Senator will be quite the busy man. Busy with energy issues, transportation (also named the Vice Chairman of Committee on Transportation Appropriations ($$$$) and has something else working in the hopper……….oh, yeah and he was elected the Majority Whip for their caucus. So, I am thinking it might be wise to book some special time for me on his calendar….like, uh, now!



Yes, that is my man pictured all the way to the right of that oil rig. Literally……I had no idea this photo existed.  If I had, you would have seen it before…..

I mean, I knew the Senator used to work in the oil and gas business in his youth and I certainly knew his dad was a successful geologist. Yet,  I had no idea there was any sort of photo documentation of this time in his life and I love it! Seriously, where has he been hiding this stuff!

For those of you who don’t know, the energy industry is a hot topic in my great state and a major source of tax revenue and private sector jobs.  We have an abundance of oil and natural gas in Oklahoma and now lots of wind farms are cropping up.  There was also an attempt last year to bring nuclear power in to Oklahoma but it failed down at the marble palace.  (I don’t know about you, but the word nuclear makes me squirm!)

Anyway, in honor of the new format around here and the photo of the Senator on an oil rig…..and because I want to experiment with one of my new features, I am taking a poll!    I’m not sure how this will work, but my analytics tell me I have lots of friends out there…, let’s have a little discussion about our Nation’s options when it comes to energy, shall we?

Next, I plan on asking the Senator his thoughts and we’ll come back to this because I think it’s important….and, I have my reasons!


P.S.  A little hint as to how I’ll be voting….  let’s just say I used to dream of driving an electric car when I was little….hmmmmm