Oklahoma Proud

933950_10200753688157611_950925166_nDevastated.  Stunned. Paralyzed by the horrific storm that blew through my great state yesterday afternoon.

I will never forget this day, May 20th, 2013.

I will never forget what I saw unfold.

I will never forget watching the massive tornado from the calm of my parent’s basement with both children and our dog by my side.  Grateful to have shelter from the storm.

Thankful to be able to text back and forth with my Senator who was watching live from the Capitol.  I am sure my mom felt the same, knowing my dad was safe at the major hospital where he works.  Friends from far away who had the news on began to call, email and text.

This storm was different. It was quick to appear yet determined. It was destructive and deadly.

The Senator was closer to it than we were.  Some of his colleagues had family and friends in its path. We did not.  There are no words to describe how blessed we feel yet so, so heartsick for those who have suffered.  It is as if the dark clouds are still hovering overhead.

Yet, so many Oklahomans are stepping up to help. That is the Oklahoma way.  The Oklahoma standard. We are good neighbors and friends.  Kindness and compassion for one another is abundant.  The stories that will unfold from this tragedy will be nothing short of heroic and we are already hearing about them.  Helping them….The teachers who saved children by laying on top of them as the tornado passed overhead, neighbors pulling each other from the wreckage or the abundance of good Samaritans being turned away so the first responders could respond… so many good Samaritans offering their boots on the ground and their skilled assistance having to be re-directed.  Consequently, trucks of supplies are being loaded and reloaded and necessities delivered to those suffering and those displaced. These trucks will be full as long as needed.  People are donating their dollars, supplies and prayers.  Lots and lots of prayers.

Rest assured, Oklahomans will re-build.  They are a strong people…a resilient people, a faithful people…a proud people. And, I feel oh so blessed to call Oklahoma home.