Oklahoma Proud

Devastated.  Stunned. Paralyzed by the horrific storm that blew through my great state yesterday afternoon. I will never forget this day, May 20th, 2013. I will never forget what I saw unfold. I will never forget watching the massive tornado from the calm of my parent’s basement with both children and our dog by my side.  Grateful to have shelter from the storm. Thankful to … Continue reading Oklahoma Proud

A few weeks ago…

So much has happened this legislative session!  It is amazing how much can happen in a few short months.  Some good, some bad and some ugly all mixed together.  One of the happy highlights for me is when my Senator invites his colleagues over for a casual home-cooked dinner.  He has done it twice this session and he did it again a few weeks ago. … Continue reading A few weeks ago…


I am cooking for the Senator and his friends tomorrow night which means that I am cooking and cleaning for the Senator and his friends today. This is really one of my favorite things that the Senator has done throughout his tenure and I have written about it before HERE.  Always a different group and bipartisan of course, so naturally they are always messing with … Continue reading Dinner

Prayer Day

While I was down at the Capitol on Monday, I happened to catch up with my Senator for a few moments as he was taking photographs with some students participating in the Legislative Page program. He was giving them a brief history of the building, the art work and noting various points of interest around the room (like the new, electronic scoreboard)… …because that’s what … Continue reading Prayer Day


I really think there is truth to the saying ‘when it rains it pours,’ and this week has been no exception! Everyone in our household has had stuff going on and mostly at the same time.  Even the house looked like it had been busy and the weather here in Oklahoma was nuts with several earthquakes, tornadoes, flooding rains, and wind. I’m beginning to wonder … Continue reading Frenzied