The Senator and I just returned from a quick trip to the Windy City for a legislative conference and man was it fun!

We have been to this particular meeting before and it is always packed.  Packed with people and speakers and meetings and events and usually in a fun city with lots of things for the un-elected, un-official “guests” to do….like shop, dine and sight see.

The first year the Senator was in office, this meeting was held in none other than Washington DC, so you can only imagine how much I enjoyed his participation.  In fact, that year we even took the kids with us, because it seemed like a good opportunity to show them our nation’s Capitol.  We even road tripped it down to Monticello and Williamsburg because I am a sucker like that for history!

cs9This year, it was just me and my man attending because our kids had their own activities and events going on at home. It happens.  But, I didn’t feel so bad considering they have been with us to Chicago for this very same meeting a few years back.

DSCN0851 DSCN0834They really didn’t miss all that much…well, except the protestors.  Yes, there were protestors at this meeting protesting and there were lots of police keeping them in line.


That was the only photo I managed to swipe but boy do I wish I had gotten a few shots of their signs….they were, uh, interesting to say the least.

Anyway, my Senator went to meetings and I shopped and walked and walked and shopped and we met some of our favorite people at some fabulous places with great views of the city and some incredible food!  And, for that, and really for all of these experiences, I am thankful!

photo photoThankful to be home too!

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