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So, here’s what I know.  We are headed to Cleveland in less than a week and I am kind of freaking out for lots of OBVIOUS reasons. Or, maybe because we just returned from a long weekend in Chicago and traveling on airplanes is not my favorite thing to do…never mind we went to a special wedding for the girl next door and nothing says you are old than when the children you watched grow up go and get married.  What a gorgeous event, this wedding.  The ceremony was held at the Saint James Chapel.  Simply breathtaking.


And, was followed by a reception at the Field Museum.  THE FIELD MUSEUM.  Oh my goodness, who gets to party with the dinosaurs.  Seriously.


It was such a beautiful evening and everyone stopped to take pics in front of the museum with this view!


Then we headed up to the tent for a happy hour.


Before heading into the museum for dinner.


I mean, just look at those gardenias, peonies, hydrangeas and ivy combined with the navy blue cloths and chairs and china!! Simply stunning!!  How many times have I said that in this post?


Wow. Just Wow!  We were so so honored to be included in this incredible…over the top…celebration for a special family friend.

Next up- Cleveland for the Republican National Convention.

So many questions…oh my goodness, like who will be the VP pick?  Who is speaking? Are the delegates REALLY plotting a coup to Dump Trump? How many different groups will be protesting?  Most importantly, what to pack!  At least, I know the Oklahoma delegation has matching navy blue blazers with an Oklahoma patch sewn on…so, there’s that.  I also know the Doobie Brothers are scheduled to play at the opening reception which is worth the trip in itself for someone my age, haha.  There are also some fun side events and BBQ’s that we’ll be attending.  Secretly, I hope to catch a glimpse of my favorite journalists and politicians who will be there either reporting or spinning.  So, while the Senator is doing his delegate thing, I will be stalking members of the media and snagging pics of all the crazy- cause you know it’s gonna be there!

Happy Monday!


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The Senator's Wife

I started this blog on a whim thinking it would be fun to write about politics while my husband served in the OK State Senate. Jury's still out on that...but, having a front row seat on the sideline of Oklahoma politics has been one big adventure.

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