This summer has flown by much to quickly.  When the roofers showed up at dawn this morning (because our poor roof has been pummeled repeatedly by recent hail storms), it reminded me of just how early my day begins when the school bell rings. I have become rather accustomed to NOT having to wake up so bright and early. No, let me just be really honest and admit that I love being able to sleep in a bit, and I really love it when my kids get to sleep in…a bit. Or, more than a bit.  My 13-year-old will sleep  any chance she gets. My 17 year old sleeps in because he keeps late hours-a topic for a completely different conversation! But, the quiet morning time for me that I have discovered is soon coming to an end.  Enter, the dark thirty wake up, run two miles, figure out breakfast, make sure everyone is up and moving, fed, back packs in order, homework done and ready to go, off to school on time etc…. you know the drill.

Summer is almost over and I have this sinking feeling inside…and not just for the early alarm clock to come, but really, because we have had a seriously terrific last couple of months.

Here are some of the highlights that I will cherish and savor. Especially, on those mornings where everyone is grumpy and dragging their feet and I am longing for my happy place!

Ahhh, Florida.  How I love you so!



Or, my new happy place…discovered with some seriously special friends!



I could live here…. really, I could!


Or here, at our annual 4th of July happy place….


With our happy friends.


And kids who are growing up faster than I want to think about….


In fact,  that big boy in blue had the audacity to go to summer school at my alma mater…an old, happy place!

This was hard…really hard….to let him pretend he is in college already.  Even though I know he’s on deck to find that happy place of his own soon.

photoIn fact, this next year is going to fly right on by!

My parents will attest to that since we just capped off the summer celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary… in their ‘happy place.’


Northern New Mexico is truly beautiful…

DSC_0886 DSC_0928

And the perfect place to celebrate two very special people.


Or, the perfect way to wind down the past couple of wonderful months…

On deck…a legislative conference in Chicago. Fun, because it is just me and my Senator….but, certainly a reality check that summer is coming to a close.

Hope your summer was full of fun memories and happy places!