Here’s to the Men!

Thankful today for the incredible men in my life!

I thought about writing a little bit about each one, but really was at a loss for just how awesome these guys are and how much they mean to me.  SO, I decided to jot down a few totally random words that came to mind!

My dad.  Athlete. Academic. Compassionate. Doctor. Dedicated. Devoted. Insightful.  Kind. Loving. Loyal. Teacher. Nature Lover. Bird Watcher….Yeah, Bird Watcher.  I think we’ve been teasing him about the bird watching for twenty years now.  Love this man and am thankful for him and my mother…his partner in crime!


My husband.  Businessman. Father. Senator. Thoughtful. Fun. Funny. Sentimental. Calm, Cool & Collected. Compassionate. Loyal. Hardworking. Dedicated. Nostalgic. Historian.  Yes, historian….if you count preserving pieces of history…our history…Oklahoma history… objects and artifacts…at our home. Someday, I am going to have to rent space for all of these collected (hoarded) items.  I have written about his button collection before…but there is so, so much more to this man’s love of history….And, I love him so.


And, our son.

I won’t provide words to describe him here as I imagine there would be some form of repercussion from this 6’3″ seventeen year old.  However, he has morphed into such a fine young man…which isn’t too surprising considering the examples he has been given.


Love you boys and am so thankful for all of the love and kindness you share with us on a daily basis!