Boxes of Buttons

Several nights ago I asked my senator how he first became interested in politics.
“By default,” he replied.
That response being a little vague, I begged him to continue…
My senator explained that when he was young he was in the hospital with appendicitis for a few weeks.  While there, he could only watch television on the three major networks and a faulty PBS station.   All four were simultaneously broadcasting the Watergate hearings around the clock.  Ugh, can you imagine life before cable?
So, my senator received an early political education as a child and hence, “by default” was  introduced to some of Washington’s finer moments.  I am sure this left a lasting impression.
Although, it would appear that my senator had no problem filing politics safely away in pursuit of other things like girls, football, school, a career in business, and a family.  But, seriously, Watergate?
So, I changed the subject and questioned, “then, where did all the buttons come from?”
“My political buttons”, he asked?  “Oh, I only started collecting those after I ran for office.”
 Surely you jest, Senator! All those buttons?
Let me say one thing about these political buttons.  My senator has boxes and boxes of them.  He has everything from the likes of, ‘Wallace for President’ and  ‘I Like Ike‘, to ‘Disco Obama‘,  ‘Sore-Loserman’ and ‘Homeschoolers for Huckabee‘.  True, he has invested a small fortune in them along with our children’s college fund.  Did I mention that he has BOXES and BOXES of them?
So, I took pictures of this spectacle finding it hard to believe the addiction began after he ran for office.  I mean, this is the guy who lives to shop at Political Americana.
The other night I caught my senator admiring a sampling of his buttons.   Do you think he looks at me that way?  Seriously,  this is a very, scary thing?

Below are a few buttons from candidates who never made it to the big dance.  As you can see from some of the names and faces, we do not discriminate based on party affiliation.  These are the losers, and judging by the sheer volume in his collection, there have been lots and lots of losers.

This one has lights.
And, my personal favorite – the Oklahoma collection.

Sometimes my senator pulls these out at parties.  Other times he might give one away to a friend, but only if he thinks they share a similar appreciation for the history.  I think we will be opening our own ‘Political Americana’ store soon.

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