Caught on Tape….

…or something like that.  Our friend Pam, who works at the Capitol with the Senator, posted this fun video of some real action happening down at the marble palace.  Pam has a blog, takes awesome photos and can now add videographer to her list of accomplishments. Here, she caught a little glimpse of life as a capitol intern and two Oklahoma teens making the most of walking the halls shouting “Roll Call,”  over and over again.

Seriously, this young man should have a radio gig before he graduates. Awesome voice.  Maybe they can record him doing his ‘roll call’ thing and simply punch play every day. Might lighten things up down there if you know what I mean….

Thanks Pam for catching this one on video!

1 thought on “Caught on Tape….

  1. Pam

    Connell! I didn’t realize you posted this! Too fun. In fact, I “DO” punch it and play almost every day. For some reason, your updates aren’t showing in my blog roll, so I didn’t know to come over here and have a look around! Must catch up. Hope all is well. Session is …session.

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