Urban Cowboy

So, last night we went to the dinner for all the Bush/Cheney Alumni – and there were a lot of them.  It had a casual, western theme going with a good band, barbeque and beer…..

My sister-in-law ran into a ton of people she worked with in Washington D.C. so I pretended to be her personal paparazzi.

Until I ran into someone I knew from home and forced my sis-in-law to snap a quick photo… just to prove I was actually there.

After a while, the band that had been playing all night took a break and the crowd began to cheer.  At first, I thought it was applause for their performance until I saw who was on the stage….

My little Nikon Coolpix was probably not the best choice to document the trip – but it really doesn’t matter.  All politics aside, I am simply grateful for the opportunity to watch a little piece of history in the making.

Oh, and the Senator is getting sworn in today at the Capitol……

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