I don’t usually write live, up to the minute blog posts capturing where I am and what I am doing, but today is an exception.  Today, I am in Dallas.  Dallas, Texas… for the groundbreaking ceremony of the George W. Bush Presidential Center.

The only reason I am here is because my awesome sister in law just happened to work for the 43rd President of the United States and had an extra ticket to the big event.  (Thanks Bro for not being able to accompany her….I am really glad to be taking your place!)

Anyway, I drove down this afternoon to do a little shopping and meet up with my sister-in-law when we ran into the former First Lady at Neiman Marcus.  She was buying Jo Malone.  They love her there.  I smiled and gawked in total admiration. Then I told my sister in law she had some spinach in her teeth.

So, tonight we are getting ready to attend a dinner for all of the “Alumni” taking place at Gilly’s…. a notorious hot spot in Dallas…just think Bud and Sissy in Urban Cowboy. I had never heard of it before, but then again, I am not from Dallas and I never saw the movie Urban Cowboy. Nor have I ever ridden a mechanical bull, but the night is young!

Anyway, if you are a member of the Bush/Cheney Alumni Association – you were invited to attend this event…..and they all showed up because the hotel is really crowded…and festive….and full of really nice people who love our country.

More on this later……

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