Looking Back

I love it when the Senator leaves photos lying around for me to write about. He does this every so often, when he thinks he has something fun or interesting or entertaining for me to say.

One time he left me a really old photo….like old as in we were young and thin and I was still in my 20’s….

The Senator thought this one was funny because he remembered when that photo was taken I was seriously about to collapse from exhaustion.  I had just run my first 5K and  look at him, all smiling and smug the turkey.

I retaliated with an old high school photo because I’m good like that.

Then, he conveniently left me this one he took with the Governor….

And, this one with a Heisman Trophy winner………….

Then there was this one with Miss Oklahoma and Miss America…

I do think he has been given a unique opportunity to meet people from all walks of life down at that marble palace and I’m glad he enjoys it.  He is definitely a people person!  But, that is not really where I wanted to go with this post.  The other day, I found another envelope from the Senator on my desk with photos from his swearing-in at the Capitol.

I happened to miss this momentous occasion.  I did not attend his last swearing-in as a State Senator because I was in Dallas….with this man…

And, I wrote about it here here, and here.  It was most certainly a trip of a lifetime for which the Senator had given me a hall pass to forgo his swearing-in ceremony that was taking place simultaneously back home.

So, you can imagine the thrill to find this on my desk…pictures from his special day.

They look all grown up so I think I’m going to pretend they still look like this:

Anyway, at the Capitol that day, just prior to the actual administration of the oath of office, it is a tradition that each member take the microphone and introduce their family and friends in the Gallery.  When this particular photo was taken, the Senator had just referenced his 84-year-old mother in attendance. Judging from the laughter in the chamber following his remarks, maybe he realized it might not have been the best idea to unleash her age?

Although, looking at that smile, I think he knew what he was doing!

Oh, happy day!


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