Seven years ago today the Senator won his party’s nomination for state Senate coming out of a heated six way primary and spirited run-off election.  I really only remember this exact date because we worked like dogs to get him across that finish line, I lost five pounds, and my precious adopted Godson was born.  All on this very day, September 17th back in 2002.
Isn’t it funny what you remember?  People from my parents generation remember where they were when Kennedy was shot or what they were doing when Elvis died.  All of my peers can recall specific details from the morning when the Twin Towers went down.
Me….  I remember elections.

And, of course this little cutie who was born seven years ago today!

He belongs to my BFF Pioneer Woman.

I remember the specific moment she called to tell me he was born. I had spent the entire morning driving to all the polling places in the Senator’s district checking on the voter turn out. Let me explain.  At your polling place, the voting machines have a number on the front that indicates how many people have cast their ballots.  Most campaigns keep track of how many potential voters there are in that precinct, and how many voted in the last election so this information can be extremely helpful.  Anyway, voter turn out is typically low in run-off elections and we were carefully monitoring our get-out-the-vote efforts.
Actually, I just needed a way to pass the time so “I” was carefully monitoring our get-out-the-vote efforts.  The Senator was on the phone actually “getting out the vote”.
I will never forget as I was driving from the north part of town out to the west part of town when PW called to tell me they had just birthed a son.  This was a BIG deal, only because they already had two precious baby girls, they lived on a ranch and her rancholicious-hard working overly loaded with testosterone husband REALLY wanted a boy. You know, to skirt child labor laws and such.  Not really…  and I keep telling her that I am officially, unofficially adopting him as my Godson.
She thinks I’m crazy.  I think he is a heart breaker.
Happy Birthday B-Man!  Come back and see us sometime real soon.