Fifteen years ago on this very evening…

I was about to become a Senator’s wife. Although, he wasn’t yet a Senator.  Not even close. Just a businessman, community volunteer and from the looks of this picture a hunk-a hunk-a burning love man.

And that hair!  Oh that hair. Mine, not his of course!  Whatever was I thinking?  This was 1994 yet I look to be still stuck in 1985.  Does anyone wear bangs these days? Did they back then? 
I have fond memories from the night before our BIG wedding day fifteen years ago.  The Senator’s mother hosted a lovely dinner for us, hence the formal attire, and lots of our friends and family gathered to help us celebrate.
I remember being overwhelmed at the kindness they offered in the form of best wishes, words of congratulations and silly, obnoxious toasts.  What is it with the pre-wedding toasts when all of your very dear and closest friends, friends who are like family, feel compelled to let every skeleton out of the closet?  Not sure I ever got that.  Anyway, our friends began appearing several days before our wedding to help us celebrate and it is their friendship and the memories of those last few remaining hours before my life would change forever that linger. 
It’s safe to say that the last fifteen years have been one heck of an awesome ride. Thank you Senator!

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