…countdown until this Legislative Session is over. At the Capitol, they like to say Sine Die in reference to this momentous occasion.  And if you live in Oklahoma that would be pronounced sign -ee- dye .  Now,  if you’re a lawyer, Catholic Priest or had to take Latin in school like me, you know this should really be pronounced si-nā-ˈdē-ˌā , and you really grimace when you hear the Latin language butchered.  Latin is so…  yeah, never mind.  

Maybe, just maybe I thought people at the Capitol were pronouncing it that way as some sort of joke or parody on the actual Latin phrase.  They can be fun like that, but I learned quickly that this was not intentional.  “Sign-ee-dye,” was simply the spoken word down at the marble palace….probably because it’s more fun to say it that way?  

And now my Latin background haunts me…really. What’s up with that? 

This is also the last week of school for Thunder and Lightening.  

Yeah, he’s ready.

She’s not.  Go figure.  

And just like the Legislature, anything that is important has waited to be preformed, tested and showcased until…just right….about…now!  Cramming is a universal sport.

When I figure out how to cram myself into two locations at the same time, I’ll let ya know.

Love, the Senator’s Wife