On Deck

Here’s to a busy week ahead. The new congress will be sworn in this week in Washington D.C. and I will be there to see some of it. I love our Nation’s Capitol. I used to live there and still refer to that place as ‘home’. Drives the Senator nuts.

The Oklahoma Legislature is also organizing this week and will officially select their leaders. So, the Senator will be spending most of his time down at the Capitol. Can’t wait to hear what he has to say about the upcoming session as it will be the first time in State history when all three chambers are controlled by the Republican party. Interesting times.

The first female Governor is also planning her inaugural festivities. What to wear, what to wear to that event…long or short…black tie or no black tie is always an issue. Makes my head hurt. I’m planning on doing a little research in that department, just so we get it straight this time around. I’ve written about this perpetual dilemma many times before.

And, then there is my List of 100…..100 things I am planning on accomplishing this year. My Godmother (Pioneer Woman’s mom Gee) suggests that we all put pen to paper and make a list of 100 things we want to do over the next year….all of our goals, our hopes and dreams etc. You get the picture. And, just so you know, 100 is a lot of things and my list is only half way complete…but, I am working on it….

Could you make a list of 100? Maybe our Legislature should as it might help with their time management. Just saying.

Happy Monday!