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The Big eBay Gift

It would appear that I was not the only one who knew my Senator loves political buttons. His best buddy up in Edmond gave him the Nixon in Yiddish button and the Jesse Jackson classic pictured up above. The over-sized JFK button is the… Continue Reading “The Big eBay Gift”


Hot off the press – what follows are the high priority agenda items for the next legislative session. I heard my Senator speaking about this last night. He hopes that they under promise and over deliver. Translation: it would be wise to pick a… Continue Reading “Agenda”

New Sheriff in Town

There’s a new sheriff in town, or rather down at the marble palace. Today, like in 49 minutes, the sheriff and his deputies (the Republican leadership team) will be rolling out their agenda with a press conference. I will have those details along with… Continue Reading “New Sheriff in Town”


Just a little FYI happening down at our state’s Capitol today. The legislative members will officially “organize” to elect their leaders. Yes, I know, their leaders were officially elected and selected in November, this is just the official part of the program. However, what… Continue Reading “Organized”

House Divided

It is game day around this joint, or as we used to say at USC: “the Rose Bowl t-shirts mean more money.” Yeah, I know. I have taken lots of heat for that little cheer in the past, especially from my Senator, the OU… Continue Reading “House Divided”