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Here is the legislative agenda from the Senate Democrats. I promised I would post it when I could find it, and, really, it was only released yesterday afternoon. So much for the days of wine and roses and power sharing – these boys and… Continue Reading “Agenda”

Capitol Dome Trivia

I love snow days! Snow days are full of fun and learning at the Senator’s hacienda. Translation: the Wii is about to overheat from excessive play, so I am bombarding the Senator’s children with some useful trivia. Let’s take a little Capitol dome quiz… Continue Reading “Capitol Dome Trivia”

The Mailman Cometh

My Senator gets tons of mail. From the moment he was sworn into office, everyone warned him about the amount of mail he would receive, and they were absolutely, 100% right on the money. We get truck loads of mail.  My Senator reads all… Continue Reading “The Mailman Cometh”

Welcome Home Scooter!

This past Christmas, the Senator’s children informed us that all they wanted for Christmas was a dog. Period. End of subject. Non-negotiable. So… the Senator and I toiled around with their request. We hemmed and hawed and hawed and hemmed. Dogs are a huge… Continue Reading “Welcome Home Scooter!”

It’s Game Time!

And, we’re ready! (Helps to have a brother with shoulder pads.) Go Sooners!