Working the Crowd

The Senator and I attend the Governor’s Inaugural Ball this week.

I think this type of event makes for some great people watching….especially when everyone is seated and dinner is being served.

Typically, all of the politicians in the room tend to get up and work the tables….which at this event, meant that the entire room was working the crowd.

This always makes me smile when it happens and some politicians do it better than others… meaning they are subtle.  My Senator thinks it is rude to leave the people at any table where you are seated, and quite frankly, I agree with him.

However, this was not an issue for us at this particular Inaugural Ball. The Senator didn’t have to get up and work the room, because we ended up working it as we searched for our table. Nice, huh!  There must have been over one thousand tables, and we started searching for ours on the wrong side of the ballroom. Fun, fun.

By the time we made it to our table I was quite thankful our seats were still there, never mind the salad had already been cleared and they were serving the main course.  Who needs salad, right? Our tablemates were glad to see us and were most gracious.  We knew some and not others which always makes for interesting table talk.

And, then I began playing with the camera on my iPhone to take some photos of the outfits. Oh, the many different dresses. Mostly long and appropriate ball gowns with a sprinkling of short cocktail dresses.

Obviously, I have not figured out the camera on my new iPhone.  Be patient, my friends.  It will be a scary day when I master it!

Cute.  Let’s hope they didn’t check their coats.  That line lasted an hour…unless you were the Senator and decided to take matters into your own hands.  Don’t ask.

Special note to Ball planners:  when over 1,800 people are going to attend an event and it is 10 degrees outside, plan for them, their cars and their coats.  That’s all.