Christmas Countdown

I so enjoy Christmas Carols.  I could probably listen to them year round if my family would let me. So, I wait to pull them out of my bag o’ tricks until right around Thanksgiving.  Of course, I am always careful not to play any Christmas music until after Thanksgiving because we are highly disciplined around here and take things one holiday at a time. Yeah, anyway…

I am always looking for newer versions of old songs to keep it fresh and this particular rendition of Carol of the Bells by the Celtic Women was one of my newer finds a few years ago.  That is, if you can get over the fact they all look like Disney Princesses up on stage… and the part when the blonde with the violin does an Irish jig in heels and a ball gown.

Truly one of my favorite carols though and sung beautifully by these women…..

Any recommendations of a newer version or any other holiday tune that is your favorite?  The closet musician in me wants to know!

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