Making a list and checking it twice…

It’s Monday and I’m re-grouping.

The Senator’s son is in finals all week so I am well versed in Physics and English Literature now. Next on deck….Latin.

Our Christmas tree is finally up and ornamented and our dog has not pee’d on it yet……but he’s been thinking about it.  What is it about dogs and trees?  Seriously.

The Senator remains busy and preoccupied. There was a Bill filing deadline last week at the marble palace and this week he’s relocating his ‘real’ business office. If only you knew how much stuff the man is capable of accumulating you would be there with a camera.  I think he’s done his Christmas shopping though!  He gets bonus points for that.

The Senator’s daughter has been busy too. She decided to make her gifts this year. Love that girl and am considering the purchase of a sewing machine to assist her with these endeavors.  She is crafty and creative and she will be the next Martha Stewart Pioneer Woman… I love watching this precious girl create. (Add to list another trip to Hobby Lobby for supplies.)

Then, there is the issue with my pesky ol’ to-do list which has been rapidly expanding. However, I seem to be at peace with the three hundred fifty thousand tasks that need to be accomplished because Christmas is coming and I am continually reminded of the best gift ever given…..

Christmas is coming……