Making a Difference

I just wanted to share with you what I think is the best campaign ad in support of an outstanding Oklahoma candidate for probably the most important elected position this cycle in Oklahoma: State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

I know, I know….I am getting all political.  But, Oklahoma is not known for it’s awesome public schools.  Yes, we have some schools that are blue ribbon winners.  However, they are significantly outnumbered by those which are not.  I won’t get into why I think the status of public education in Oklahoma is suffering, but it is not due to a lack of funds.  Education received roughly 56% of the state’s budget last year, and that is not inclusive of the millions of dollars in revenue generated from the state’s lottery system.  Seriously, money is not the issue.
Oklahoma has a choice this election cycle to vote for a candidate who has made significant positive changes to a broken educational system and touched the lives of many Oklahoma children. Clearly, she is making a difference.

This ad, the best in my opinion, reflects that.

Next Tuesday is an election day.  I would encourage you to get out and vote!


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