Week 3

So, we are now into week three of the current legislative session.  The Senator has a cold, I have been cleaning out closets and the kids get to enjoy a short week of school.  Can you spell f-u-n?

The Senator has been rather mum about the goings on down at the marble palace. I am sure this is not for a lack of activity, but rather because we really haven’t seen much of him.  Well, except last night when he ducked out of a reception to come home and watch the Batchelor…but ONLY because he wasn’t feeling good.  You know, because he was coming down with a cold or the flu or H1N1 for goodness sakes.  Anyway, he must get well soon because we are entertaining some of his colleagues next week at our house. And, I am cooking.  And, that is a scary thing.

Any ideas on a menu?  Anyone?


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