My Town

Shhhh!  Don’t tell the Senator, but I absolutely LOVE this town!

That would be Washington D.C., our Nation’s Capitol.   I took this photo from an old, historic hotel that has recently been renovated and turned into a swanky place with lots of international travelers.  It is right across from the Treasury building and from the roof-top, you can see the White House….Well, you can see the snipers on the roof-top overlooking the White House.  I waved at them.  They didn’t wave back.
You can also see people who are desiring a tour of the White House from up here.  

They say this line starts forming BEFORE 7:00 a.m.

Michelle Obama’s organic garden is supposed to be over there somewhere.  However, I have yet to see past the major security – even from this view.  I think it is safe to say the Secret Service has this place covered!

I am star struck in this town.  It is my Hollywood.  And I am not coming home until I see some politicians.


1 thought on “My Town

  1. carmar76

    I am with you on loving DC. I’ve only been able to go there twice! I love all the buildings, the history, the VIBE of that town. When I watch shows set in DC (National Treasure and Scarecrow & Mrs. King recently!) I just want to be there.

    Thank you for this post & the photos!

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