Decompressing with Prayer

So, yesterday was the first day of the Legislative session and I received a hall pass to stay home.  The snow and ice from last week not only cancelled the Speakers Ball Friday evening, but remained a hazardous presence on the roads I travel providing me with a perfect excuse to miss the festivities of the opening bell.

I am always a bit conflicted about the first day of session.  Let me explain.  Many times it feels like the first day of school where you are seeing old friends for the first time in a long while and a certain excitement fills the air.  Yet, there is also a dark cloud of uneasiness and anticipation that hovers over the hallways.

I think yesterday was one of those dark cloud days for the Senator.  Due to the economic issues facing our state, the legislative process is going to be difficult this year. There will be lots of requests from constituents, state agencies losing significant amounts of funding and politicians running for re-election who will posture for position using partisan politics…yes, the image of Daniel in the Lion’s Den certainly comes to mind.

Yet, the Senator takes this all in stride.  He came home from a long day at the Capitol and simply took some time to decompress. The fact that he was even home on the first day of session told me just how ‘rough’ his day had been.  He even offered to run our daughter to and from her basketball practice…need I say more?  While he was away, I managed to take note of his busy schedule for the week and glanced at a few articles he had brought home for me to read when I noticed something else in his stack of homework.  Something so subtle yet most special.  Prayers.

A few days before the legislative session some of his constituents went to the Capitol, sat in his chair on the Senate floor and prayed. They left their prayers on his desk.  Some were accompanied by a note, others left only their prayer. Most included their names. Here is a sampling of their kindness.

May the Lord bless you and your family and use you as an instrument…”

“Thank you for serving.  I pray for God’s guidance for your support of our Constitution.  Protect our freedom as you consider bills to support…”

“We pray for your strength and integrity …”

“We pray that you will let God be your guide, that you see His wisdom, in all that you do concerning your position in legislating Oklahoma.”

One was simply a prayer for, ‘Wisdom, Courage, Strength and Guidance’.

This one came by email:

A prayer for Cliff

Father you are able and willing to give Cliff wisdom to represent.  Your heart is for us to do justice, love, mercy and walk humbly….Give Cliff a strength to decide and act with justice, mercy, humility and wisdom.  Give Cliff a heart for the betterment of our state for the people of the state.  Give wisdom liberally.  Don’t hold back.  Let the people of Oklahoma be blessed through the wisdom (of these) decisions.


3 thoughts on “Decompressing with Prayer

  1. Rae

    Dear Blessed,
    How sweet. I am amazed over and over at how lucky I am to have those that pray for me faithfully. I know I’m a better mom and well… still somewhat sane because of it.
    Need every one in NE

  2. Mandy Mckee

    Connell, you are an ever-inspiring writer. I believe in Uncle Cliff. I believe that despite the tension of difficult decisions in trying times, he will be fair, honest, and thoughtful. He will, without a doubt, try his hardest to put his strength behind the best decisions. And I also believe that while the beginning of session means his mind is full of thoughts away from home, his family is always present, always his priority. I’m so glad you have eachother, and impressed by the support and pride you have in eachother.
    I’ll be thinking of you.

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