“Do you remember, the 24th day of September…”
That would be a pirated version of the Earth, Wind and Fire song the Senator and I love so much. We l-o-v-e this song because it is so….so…well, reminiscent of our youth?  Maybe that is a stretch, but it sure makes for fun dancing music.  The Senator and I have other reasons to love this song however, in that the title is September!  The month we got hitched!  Who cares if we amend the date a little bit each time we hear it, right?
I love this photo of our wedding for many reasons, but the best is what you don’t see in the picture. Aside from the big grin and wide smiles on our glowing face, while we were strolling down the aisle and out of the church the Senator had a little wardrobe mishap.  Yes, the vest he was wearing under his jacket decided it would fly the coop and pop off.  Bing, just like that, and timed its release right at the moment this terrific photo was being taken.  
To make this much more of a dilemma, it would be our FAVORITE photo from the wedding ceremony. A trauma for which the Senator’s mother-in-law had never seen the likes.  Trauma, because this happened waaay before the digital age and it was not like our fab photographer, Mr. Dinsmore, would able to select the next one in the series of 500 matching shots for us to choose.  No, this was it.  The only photo and our particular favorite.
Well, the Senator’s mother-in-law assured us this problem was quite fixable and had that “fab” photographer prove his “fabness” by asking him to delicately airbrush the very white and shining star of the photo, the strap to the Senator’s vest, right out of the picture.  Which is why this is my most favorite pic of them all.  Aside from the fact that I was now the Mrs. Senator and a very, very happy one to boot.
I dare ya to look for the strap.  Airbrushing was an art form in 1994. 

This next photo is the Senators favorite.  I don’t know why – other than it says “we are outta here”!

My sweet, sweet cousin caught that bouquet I was so intent on sending in her direction.  Soon after our wedding, she ended up marrying the guy she was dating and now they have four children.  Love that.  I also love this next one….from the honeymoon series.

Paris. Paris. Paris.

Cannes. Cannes. Cannes.  No explanation needed!

And, a little treat just for you Senator, on this very special most wonderful day!

Love, from the Mrs.

2 thoughts on “September

  1. Michael

    Was the honeymoon in September too? That and May are probably the best months to see Cannes. It’s still warm but not tropical, and there are less crowds.

    And concerning EW&F, all I can say is: “Ba-da-ba-da-baba!”

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