A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words!

You all, I read a lot of political websites.  I read liberal web sites and conservative web sites, local and national political sites and websites containing lots and lots of political opinions.  Maybe I read them out of sheer interest, or because I’m weird or looking for a real life distraction from the politics that live in my house…I do not know and it really doesn’t matter.

But, this morning, as I was scanning these web sites I saw the funniest picture that just made me laugh.  Out loud.  It is not a political picture… really.  I mean, there was no story with the photo, or a credit for the photographer nor is what I’m saying about politics because I happen to actually like both of the women in the picture.

I thought this was just way too funny and I wanted to share. Probably because I have often wondered what those two women really thought of each other….

…and I guess now we know!

Happy Monday!

the Senator’s Wife