Our Teenager!

Yikes! We have a teenager!

Thirteen years ago today I birthed this nine and a half pound bundle of joy! The Senator and I pulled an all- nighter in labor and delivery.  We walked the halls, tried to sleep, realized that this boy was going to arrive on his own time and in his own fashion.  I had not stayed up all night since college but figured this was just Gods way of preparing new parents for the upcoming lifetime of sleep deprivation. 

Hospitals can be a very quiet place at night.   

The Senator and I watched a series of thunderstorms from our hospital window.  Well he watched while I kept asking when they would be coming by to administer my pain medication. Can we just talk about the benefits of having an epidural? O.k., maybe not but I highly recommend one.  
Anyway, as we watched the sun rise that morning, the pace of our son’s arrival picked up and he was born at exactly 9:05 am on D-Day.  I could not have picked a better birthday for him.  He has such a passion for history. 

It has been so much fun watching this little boy grow….

and grow….

and grow…

Grow into this fine young man who continues to make his parents proud.   

So what is it they say about teenagers? Because I’m not getting it, yet…

Love, the Senator’s Wife

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  1. Anonymous

    Happy Birthday Ford! And congratulations Mom and Dad on doing such a fine job so far!! Enjoy the ride as the next 5 years are going to be FAST…
    (Jack was 9 lbs. 7 oz)
    Best Wishes,
    Julie Starr

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