Weekend Reading

I just love it when the Senator leaves piles of ‘stuff’ on my desk for me to read.  I am sure he thinks I will read all of it for him and submit a written report….and he can keep dreaming of that day!

I do enjoy all of the reading material, however.  Really, I do.  My favorites are the government magazines like State News, Governing and State Legislatures. These are put out by various entities that work with elected officials all across the country.  Some, like State Legislatures, take a liberal bent to solving problems while others such as Inside ALEC and The Ripon Forum, are more conservative in their approach. And that is strictly my opinion, of course, based upon whether the role of government is viewed as contributing more to the problem or a part of the solution.
Having said that, I really like them ALL for the sheer interest of reading about how elected officials across the country attempt to solve the crucial issues in their state.
There are some good ideas in these magazines.
If you have any desire to read about legislative issues from a national perspective, here are some websites of interest:
The Senator’s Wife